Principal's Desk

Er. Imtiyaz Ahmad Shah


Since the days of the Industrial Revolution, Engineering has massively transformed our personal, social, national and international space. It has changed the way we work and live our lives. From Edison’s invention of a light bulb; to designing complex robots; to making rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and biotechnology, engineering inventions have given us multiple choices that were unimagined before.

Pick up any product or service. You’ll discover a grain of “Engineering” in all. Engineering has revolutionized the way we think, connect, collaborate and carry out our routine jobs and transact business across geographies.

Because of our strong grounding in basic engineering, India has benefited the most from this revolution. Led by a strong leadership team, we are now at an inflection point of massive growth – reflected in the coming up of new expressways, smart cities, more industries, railways, shipping, ports and mega power plants in every nook and corner of the country.

It will be our commitment

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